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Yoga for a calmer,
stronger life.

Build a strong asana practice and mindfulness with Katie Silver,

Practice with Katie.

Subscribe to Katie's YouTube channel for loads of free yoga classes. Get a taste of her yoga style and flow.

Katie's Calm Strength Collective,

online yoga studio.

Membership closed for the moment.

Pick a Yoga Collection from a selection of class bundles. 

Buy once, keep forever.

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Practice with me from the comfort of your own home. Anytime, from anywhere.

The Calm Strength Collective is Katie's online yoga studio. All though membership is paused at the moment, there is a library of classes that have been specially created around yoga themes, focus or asanas.  Featuring a variety of yoga styles from over 85+ classes to develop and grow your practice. Collated into collections of classes or available as a full library, you can find strong vinyasa asana practices, balanced with soft and mindful moments. These are the heart of Katie's classes to help you live a stronger, calmer life.


Find a variety of shorter practices on Katie's YouTube channel. Try a class for a taste of her yoga style. 


This is Katie.

Hey yogi's,

I've been teaching yoga for six years and practicing for much longer. Out of my practice grew a love of dynamic vinyasa, which is reflected in my teaching.  Alongside a strong asana practice dedicated to building strength and flexibility, my classes also encourage focus, effort and presence on the mat. Introducing yoga to my life was the best decision I ever made and I'm thrilled to share my passion for the practice with you all!

Meet Your Teacher

"Katie’s Yoga sessions are incredible. They’re not only a great workout but are also a great way of relieving stress and finding my weekly zen. "

"Katie is literally the reason I come back to this class. Perfect balance of yoga 'mindfulness' messaging vs being aware that many are there for the physicality. Structure of the class is always well thought through and every week is different with enough challenge for everyone. Katie's tone is great, she encourages and pushes you with conviction yet isn't intimidiating." 

"Katie is a brilliant yoga teacher who not only gives you well-rounded and demanding exercises, but also gives you inspiration and positivity for the rest of the week!"

"Katie is great yoga teacher. Lots of variety in her class. Both stretchy and strength building!"

"Katie's classes are always varied, challenging and interesting. She's my favourite instructor because she's also really supportive of all levels of ability and energy."

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