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Find balance in you physical body, but in your emotional, energetic and spiritual being.

The practice of yoga is that which aims to create balance. The balance is not just a physical one. A balance within your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual being.

By working with all elements of the practice - asana (poses), meditation (focus of the mind), pranayama (the breath) to name a few, you can begin to experience yourself becoming one in balance. Through balance you can tackle whatever life throws at you with more ease and be more awake to opportunities that present themselves to you.

A variety of classes, two 60 minute and two 30 minute practices in this collection that draw attention to all areas you can explore balance. Poses that challenge your balance, transitions that rely on your balance, a sense of balance from top to bottom and left and right sides of the body.


1 x Power 60min | 2 x Flow 30+60min | 1 x Flow to Yin 60min

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